Mastering the Art of Choice means understanding: choices are always yours to make.
Choose what to focus on. Choose a perspective. Choose the thoughts you’ll keep. Choose the beliefs you’ll hold.

You are powerful.
You can and should assert your free will.

Once you feel grounded in that truth, it’s time to

to elevate

We don’t always need to ponder on all the options available to us.

The choices our mind constructs are limitless. Before we know it our judgment gets cloudy.
Most times, all we have to do is be resolute about what needs to get done without derailing ourselves by stopping to consider alternatives.

art of choice

Our greatest suffering often comes from not accepting a decision we know we have to make.
We distract ourselves with possibilities. With choices.

We have to be clear about our “non-negotiables” to stand firmly behind any decision. We have to be mindful of our boundaries. Our inner G will always guide us to the choice that’s in our best interest. We just have to get out of the way. We dabble in self-sabotage by letting our thoughts overwhelm us. Simplicity is liberating.

You know how they say “go with your Gut?” I won’t even remind you what the G is for.