A couple years ago, I stumbled upon (literally, I was on the SU website!) the Bed Time Calculator.sleepyti.me
This super clutch website, has two basic functions:

  1. Plug in the time you need to wake-up—  it will suggest times you should go to sleep     OR
  2. Click the “ZZZ” button— it will suggest times you should wake-up if you fall asleep now

After a little research, I learned the calculations are based on the human sleep cycle. Waking up in the middle of a sleep cycle, can turn us into zombies OR have us hit the snooze button… and wake up 3 hours later very confused. This nifty little tool suggests times that fall between cycles. Ensuring you get the best sleep, regardless of how much time you have to spare.

This simple, yet awesome site, was created by @dshaw_
Thanks, David!

You are THE man.