No, you’re not a dummy if you’re not sure what a “Blue Moon” is! I recently learned why the expression “once in a blue moon” makes sense… so I’ll share what I know!

The Basics

A full moon typically occurs every 29 days. Since each month usually has 30/31 days, there is a possibility of two full moons appearing in the same month. The second appearance of the full moon called Blue Moon. Since the moon itself does not emit light, the moon’s color is a reflection of the sun. Chances are it won’t actually look blue.

The moon was full on July 2, and will be full again July 31. This happens once every two or three years. The last Blue Moon came around in 2012 and there won’t be another until early 2018.

When the moon is in its full phase, it has the greatest gravitational pull on the Earth’s elements.

Consider how ocean tides are affected by the moon. Since we are made of 80% water, a full moon also has its greatest gravitational pull on us.

Mind + Body

I’ve previously asserted that our minds consist of the conscious and the subconscious. Our mind is home to our thoughts, feelings, emotions and desires. The same way water can be broken down into particles of energy. Our minds are made up of energy, too.

Within the subconscious mind we have a number of impressions embedded that determine our basic nature and overall personality. Unless we actively connect with our subconscious mind in a meditative state, we’re not aware of the impressions in our subconscious mind. These impressions are the catalysts for all our thoughts, feelings and subsequent actions. Both our impressions and thoughts have their own frequencies.

The Spiritual Science Research Foundation (SSRF) examined the effect of the moon on human behavior. Based on their findings they determined that “frequencies emanating from the Moon affect the frequencies of the mental body (mind) of human beings.”

A lot of us carry highly charged thoughts and emotions for too long. Since our bodies are made of water and energy, when the moon is full,  it is time is a natural time of release.

Make It Work For You

Have you found yourself being in a more …emotional state than usual this past week? Feeling like the world’s out of whack or things in your life are a little off? If you’ve been on a spiritual path maybe you’ve noticed and/or felt the spike of energy and been mindful about channeling it positively.

Point is– the Moon’s effects have already been doing their thing. Any Full Moon is a spiritual time of “purging.” This is a time to let go.

People around the world will perform rituals and meditate tonight. According to an article on the the Spirit Science site, the “Aquarius full moon shows us how to reinvent ourselves to that truest embodiment of ourselves.” They have even organized a Global Mediation tonight!

By now, you might be feeling super empowered to look within this evening OR confused as shit.

There are a ton of resources about the Blue Moon and how you can take advantage of this phenomenon on your spiritual path. If you’re on the fence about what’s fact/fiction I encourage you to at least try meditating tonight. If you’ve never done it, today would be an excellent first time. If you haven’t been successful yet… give it another go tonight! I sure will.

Dive Deeper

I only touched on the moon and the mind+body but there is so much more to consciousness/spirituality/ the cosmos/ being WOKE.
If you want a deeper understanding of yourself and mankind PLEASE check out this collection of Spirit Science videos. I recently stumbled upon them and the CHANGED MY LIFE.

At minimum, check out their Facebook page. With 7.3 million members in their online community it’s at least worthy of glimpse!

I’d love to hear about what others will do, have done or did during the Blue Moon!!!
Drop a comment if you’re ’bout life.

Keepin it,




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