Writing helps me feel, deal, and heal. I teach as I learn. I grow as I flow. Laughing as I go <3

I’m plugged up on a deeper level these days. Most realizations feel familiar. Like reminders. Let me jog your memory, too! I want you to rewrite sob stories into victories. I wanna see you side-stepping obstacles while moving on purpose with purpose.

In this space, I welcome you to weed out pesky thoughts and nurture tender ones. That’s what I’m doing! As my cup runneth over, I’ll continue to overflow. Teaching you how fish while giving you a lil taste of what I’ve caught is what I’m into. Why? because you already have everything you need! You have more than enough, actually. Let’s get used to abundance. 

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Break Down Before the Build Up

In an article I published on Camarilla Complex I took the stance that we can’t find answers to our deepest question or happiness outside ourselves. I said we won’t feel “whole” by accumulating accomplishments, acquiring accolades or knowing more things. Won’t be “complete” in the arms of another. We are essentially condemned to being dissatisfied or as the Old and New Testament would put it:

hell funny

That is– until we “see the light” and tap into it. Fulfillment (en route to heaven) is the feeling we get when we’re plugged to the Source. I call the power source: God. God is the force that connects us all.

When I believed God was outside of me (watching over us) I was always in GO mode. So busy on my quest for success that I didn’t realize I was running from silence + stillness. I was avoiding myself. Hiding from the only place I could refuel! Like when you avoid the gas station but your tank is on E. Forfeiting my feelings. Neglecting my body. Tuning out my Spirit! Purely focused on what was on my mind.

When we learn to quiet our minds and even rewrite the programming: we make room for inner G flow. We use that to make love & create life. And I’m not even talkin’ bout knockin boots and babies, ya’ll! 

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The Gag

Faith isn’t a topic most people take lightly. Religion is at the root of most wars. Varying ideologies create rifts among communities, families, and even tear on the fabric of who we are.

Most of us are taught to spend our lives awaiting a divine pat on the back at the end of the tunnel. Plenty of who don’t believe we are divine. Some of us even think that tadpoles have the answers! No disrespect to what you currently believe but let’s call my writing… provocative! I’m here to challenge old beliefs that are played, ok? I’ve unlearned a lot so now I’m into debunking popular beliefs, widely accepted ideas, and misconceptions. Challenging what we’ve been conditioned to believe is my schtick!

Let’s focus on tapping into love + light, shall we?

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The Blessing

According to the streets (and Refrenitery 29 LOL) a plug is someone who’s “able to acquire goods or services with relative ease”. You looking for love? a lil belonging? maybe it’s acceptance? guidance? support? clarity? God got the goods! And you know the plug is? YOU.

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I want you to walk away from every interaction with me knowing that you are the plug. You have access to God’s grace via your higher-self at all times. No child of his or saint of theirs can block you from accessing your birthright!

The Mechanics

When you plug an object into an electric outlet current is supplied to power it. I want you to think of God as the current that infinitely fuels the outlets that we’re all connected to. All we gotta do is consciously connect. Regularly recharging. Now, remember that part about plugs acquiring goods with “relative ease”? God is always accessible but it may take some coordination on your part to get in sync! God can give us all the energy we need. I’m here showing you how that Inner G flows through me.

Stay Plugged Up

It’s our divine bond with our creator/creation that deconstructs our fears and offers boundless purpose-driven possibilities. Being fueled by God opens the right doors at the perfect times. Sometimes we’re nudged to steer clear from danger. Other times we’re called to jump higher and leap wider than we ever have.

Need to Get More Connected?

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When we know what moves us and we’re clear about what we desire: we can set our intentions and tap in. Using our Inner G to take action. Then, we practice going with the flow. When blessings come our way: we gotta receive ’em! But we gotta know how to! I’m inviting you to go on that journey with me.

Few Cheat Codez

Staying attentive and practicing gratitude at every bend is vital. Trusting our intuition, allowing ourselves to feel and being honest about our pain + pleasure helps us tap in. When we’re inspired by genius or experiencing synchronicity God’s showing us that we’re plugged in!

Will it Make or Break You?

Being the plug can save you or act as a stopper if you get in the way. When we self-sabotage, things have a funny way of going wrong back to back. Ya know how they say “when it rains it pours”? Well, we have the power to reroute thunderstorms.

The thoughts we repeat to ourselves evoke the feelings and those emotions fuel actions. It gets lonely and little scary when we’re disconnected. Have no fear though! We are co-creators of our unique realities. We can always reconnect with God and I explore those miracles on these digital pages.

Intentions Matter

It’s my intent to make concepts and modalities from different schools of thought (i.e. psychology, sociology, quantum physics) easier to digest. I’ll show you how different principles affect us on a daily basis and the perspectives that can shift life as you know it. I’m here to share resources that will help you rewire your brain to aid in your expansion.

You’ll notice I poke fun at sensitive subjects. I love to feel light + tend to make light. For better or worse. Call it a coping mechanism? a nervous twitch? a zest for life??? However you perceive it, just know that having a sense of humor is a must around here! I’m going to connect with you on different levels. From holy to petty. Take what serves you and leave what doesn’t.

Where Me & You Stand

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If all your friends (I am one of your friends) are jumping off a bridge would you do it?

I need you to know I’m the first friend that jumped! I’ll let you know what’s safe based on my own faceplants and miraculous landings. So listen, if I don’t come up for air after I take a dive just stay where you are!!! But I plan to keep breathing! Deep breaths at that. For you and me both.

Wake Up to Stay Up!

I asked about the friends and the bridge for the same reason your parents would. We don’t typically consider all the aspects of our lives that cruise on auto-pilot.

We don’t realize how much influence we have on the world around us, let alone in relation to our own biochemistry. We don’t always use our resources. We stick to what we’ve been doing. Oftentimes unaware of it all!

You know how “they” say we only use 10% of our brains? WELP, that’s because (give or take) 90% of our mind operates on a subconscious level. Essentially, we are not actively aware of the thoughts that linger in this powerful space. It’s home to ideas, beliefs, schemas, and of course, painful memories that we keep locked away. These buried thoughts often trigger emotional responses in us. It’s our duty to observe ourselves, see what affects us, and ask ourselves “why?”

Takeaway: Question everything lol

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Not in a self-doubting or trust-issues kinda way! More so in a: “why am I too sexy for my shirt? will it always hurt?” kinda thing. Never say stupid sh*t like: “that’s just how I am” or even worse: “that’s just WHO I am” *insert pukey face*

Try progressive stuff like: “my tendency to ___(insert terrible thing)___ hasn’t served me so I’m committing to ___(insert better thing)___ by ___(insert actionable practice)____.

Brain Science & Magic

Most of what I harp on involves being aware of your feelings and changing your mind. I lay it on thick because I know it’s not easy to teach old dogs new tricks but I know it’s possible BIG DAWG!

*neuroplasticity enters the chat*

Our brains can be rewired, people!

The End Of The Semester As Told By The Cast Of 'The Office' | The Campus Crop

Whenever we engage in new behavior and try to adopt better practices our brain can remodel itself. But again, it takes work! While comfort and change don’t often coexist– discomfort begets growth! I’m here to help soothe your growing pains with facts, figures, and tenderness, bae. I want you tapped in. So let’s flow together. That why we’re here 🙂

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