Face it, we never “have” enough time.
But we’re magical so that won’t stop us.

We all have the same 24-hours. Yet, most of the people we admire seem to get more done with theirs.
They’re not any smarter or better. They just maximize their time. Making every minute count.
Yet here you are, tired. Not feeling like you’ve done enough. Day in and day out.

You can spend your whole life picking apart your ideas, studying rich people’s habits and being frustrated with yourself. OR you can get to the bottom of the issue at hand.  You are probably depleting yourself of energy before you even start “doing”. Brain Fatigue is real.

Here are six (6) ways to avoid getting the wind knocked outta you to the point of paralysis:

  1. Limit Decision-Making
    The human mind literally has a limited capacity for the number of decisions we can make a day before we feel drained. According to researchers at Cornell University, we make more than 200 decisions per day that are all food-related! Imagine how many decisions you make if deciding when to get out of bed is a choice!
    Don’t play yourself early in the morning trying to decide on an outfit, hairstyle or breakfast item, too!
    Plan this out ahead of time so you can breeze through. Make room for the stuff that isn’t going to be in your control. 
  2. F*ck a FAT to-do list
    I have a rolling to-do list that gets bigger by the day. It’s easy to psych myself out when I look at these tasks at a glance. Instead of playing a game of “how much is humanly possible for me to do today” — set out to tackle two (2) tasks that will get you closer to your dreams. It may sound cheesy but I’m talking about doing something important. Even if it’s not urgent. The kinda stuff the world needs you to produce.  Catching up on emails doesn’t count! 
  3. Feed Yourself
    I mean this literally. Don’t starve yourself because you’re working so hard. Don’t deprive yourself of sleep. Don’t disregard the importance of a break! Make sure you focus on meeting your fundamental needs first. Otherwise, you will not only feel brain fatigue, but your body will also turn it’s back on you. You’ll stop producing and start wondering why you have a headache. When really, all your body is asking for is water. Don’t make your body throw a temper tantrum because you’re neglecting it. You’ll feel unfulfilled no matter what you accomplish if you aren’t giving yourself tender love and care.
  4. Periodically Disconnect 
    I am an avid twitter-ranter and information junkie. I am the first to deplete my energy by pouring my heart and soul into early morning advocacy and business connections. However, the morning is a critical time for me to touch base with myself. To get clear on how I want my day to go. I’m not saying you should clear your mind every morning or not answer your mom’s call at night. I am saying, your energy is precious. Find moments to reconnect with yourself. No interruptions. 
  5. Hesitate Before You Say “Yes” 
    Sometimes we leap up to help when someone reaches out. We commit to things before we really weigh the options. Even when we have the best intentions, we spread ourselves too thin. Before you say yes, check your calendar. Check your closet. Check your bank account. Whatever it takes. Give yourself a couple minutes to make an informed and thoughtful decision. Don’t be that guy who is seen as unreliable because you say “yes” when you really mean “no.”
  6. Don’t be Afraid to Say No
    Guilt is a feeling most of us try to avoid. Rightfully so, since it’s brutal on our self-esteem and a buzz-kill to spirit. We don’t say “no” as much as we should for fear that we’ll come off as selfish. Also because we’re afraid no one will be there for us unless we are always their for others. But that’s not true. So f*ck that. You do everyone a disservice when you move based on fear, shame or pity. Now, there are some situations you act get out of. And shouldn’t try to! In that case, make sure you put some of the other tips into play those days. Conserve. Conserve. Conserve. 

All in all, it’s beautiful to share our energy with others. You should strive to. But you can’t share it if you have none to spare. Recharge. Refuel. Be mindful of what it feels like when your energy is running low.
REST during those times. Don’t push yourself. Don’t be mean to yourself. Just be mindful. Be gentle. And watch how you’ll bounce right back more ready than ever once you know you got the juice again.