There I am. Replying to myself. Going on a full-blown twitter rant when I see the time: 11:11.
I pause then tweet “11:11” with some sparkle emojis on the side. I take a deep breath. Stretch my back. Readjust. 
The next minute I get a notification. It was a DM asking me what I’d wished for. Then my thumbs got to typin’ what my heart knew.

“When I see ’11:11′ I don’t make a wish. It’s my reminder that wishes come true.”

That thoughts become things. Those ideas + emotions fuel action or lack thereof.

So when I see repeating numbers, that’s my cue to notice synchronicity. It’s a nudge urging me to pay attention.

“Am I hungry? Is this the best use of my time? Have I had enough water? Does this even matter?”
Seeing 3:33 pm on the clock is a gentle call-to-action. Urging me to just, be.
“What am I thinking about?” “Maybe this matters more than I realize…” “Has this thought become too repetitive?” “Does it serve me?” “Am I procrastinating?”  “What am I afraid of?” 
Coming across 3:33 am… might inspire a different kind of internal dialogue: “What’s keeping me awake?” 
Repeating numbers are simply an invitation to take notice, take charge and hop off autopilot. To slow down, collect myself and wiggle my toes. It’s my green light to shift focus and redirect my energy if need be.

Wonna get strange?

Like Lil Wayne once said, “Women lie, men lie, numbers don’t lie.”
Numbers are powerful. The scientific and mathematical community back that claim, too. But let’s push the envelope!
Challenge: Next time you see a repeating sequence of numbers on the clock or a set of numbers keeps calling your attention (you had a dream and saw it on a receipt???) — google it.
You’ll probably come across the notion of “angel numbers”. The concept suggests that guides/angels communicate with us via numbers. There are plenty of websites where you can “decode” divine messages for free.

Still with me?

Sometimes we’re conflicted in ways we’re not (consciously) aware of. We start feeling uneasy but can’t put a finger on the cause. Especially when we’re navigating new waters.

Let’s say you’re in a relationship where you haven’t been feeling fulfillled. You keep telling yourself you’re helping the person grow. That you’re needed there. Now, you google these numbers and read something like: “it’s time to make the decision you’ve been putting off”.

All of sudden, you know in your heart that it’s time to cut that tie.

Awareness or Guidance? Which one is it?

Sadly, we’ve been conditioned to avoid the elephant in the room. We’ve been taught to deal with urgent shit and ignore the stuff that’s actually important. “Leave it for later. An elephant won’t bite!” Now, when the elephant is poked, proceeds to stumble and THUD right at your feet… you have no choice to but to look. It wakes us you up.

Whether you look at 2:22 pm and think “damn, why am I even stressing this?” or google what 2:22 means to see what the angels trying to say… you are aware. 
You are consciously doing something to reclaim your peace of mind.  To enrich your moments and shape your reality.
We (humans) made this time thing up. Let’s get creative and have it serve us in a deeper way.

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