From Day 1, we start learning how to “fit in” and get what we want. It’s human nature.
Cuz we gotta survive out here don’t we?!  

Your thoughts as a baby: “Should I cry? Scream? Smile? Bite someone?”
Those considerations morphed into…. “Should do it myself? Wait for it? Ask for help? Bite my tongue? ”

We don’t necessarily choose the “right” way. We go for what works for us, then we keep doing it. We contort ourselves and conform based on what people around us need or what the moment calls for. We call this maturing.

Let science tell it, our personality is set by the time we’re in 1st grade.

So What’s a Personality?

A “personality” is a medley of characteristics shaped by experiences, thought patterns, beliefs, and behaviors. It fuels our interactions and reactions.

Because we often default to “that’s just how I am” we don’t always stop to really look at ourselves. We don’t pause for self-reflection and personal assessment. We stick to what we “know.” Moving mechanically (subconsciously) based on what we’ve always done. Based on what has always “worked” for us.

According to Maxwell Maltz, self-image is the key to human personality and human behavior.

“Change the self-image and you change the personality and the behavior.”

Although “who you are” is more complex than your personality, your self-image dictates your reality. So I have good news….

You’re Not Stuck This Way

Self-awareness is the gift that keeps giving. Knowing your strengths and owning your weaknesses propels growth.

What traits align you with your highest self? Which attributes don’t serve you?

We often get ahead of ourselves and try to “change” without even being in tune with who we are. Thing is, you never have to change who you are. Just tweak what you think and how you perceive. That will affect how you act and are perceived by others. Most importantly, it affects how you see yourself. That’s self-image.

Getting on the Right Path (for you!)

Have you ever taken a personality test? You answer some questions then get told about yourself based on your self-image. It will help you gain awareness and ultimately understand yourself better.

When I was 16, I checked out a book from my local library that promised to help me find me dream career. It had an “assessment” in the first chapter. Then, you would flip to the right chapter for you based on your results. That was my first stab at mindful introspection. I was using a tool to help me learn more about the most fascinating subject I could explore. Myself.

I look the Myers-Briggs assessment when I embarked on my career after college. Anyone else an ENFJ?

The other day I took the Enneagram of Personality Assessment. Then, I read up on my “type” on multiple platforms.

There are plenty of renditions of the same “tests”. There are countless self-discovery tools out there. Even if you disagree with the framework of any of these assessments … the results are based on how you answer questions. So maybe it will be a call-to-action to be honest with yourself!

Want more?

Look into numerology and learn about your Life Path number! If you have extra time, patience and an open mind… Cafe Astrology will hook you up with a Natal Chart. Talk about a read.

All in all, I recommend you do your research.
Take time to dive into your depths.
Find out where you stand so you can make better moves.