The Life of a “G”
If you’re anything like me, you might associate “G” with the word gansta. To me, being a “G” is all about authenticity. Staying true to yourself. Being real with others. Having heart. Being passionate about your cause and community.

History of a “G”
Back in the day, the 5 Percent Nation referred to each other as “G,” promoting the belief that God could be accessed from within.

On to a G like me…
I believe we all come from the same source. That we’re connected by inner G.
Inner Guidance. Inner Genius. Our “Gut” feeling. Our Spirit. The God in us.

If you’re reading this– you’re supposed to be. Glad you’re finally here!  I am Ghislaine but you can feel free to call me, G. Like Lupe Fiasco* once said, “I get my energy from my Inner G.” 

I’m intuitive by design just like you. Yet I spent a lifetime putting my thoughts over my feelings. Now I’m unlearning what I believed and remembering what I know. Drowning out the noise to hear the graceful and gentle whisper that guides us.

I’m proponent of love, self-exploration, awareness and compassion. Simplicity, productivity and organization put me at ease.  Music soothes my soul. I love philosophy, science and ingenuity.  My curiosity fuels my creativity. I’m into discovering new life hacks (#CheatCodez) and telling you about ’em. Let’s grow, glow and flow together.

*He can tell you himself 😉

I write for the over-thinkers and overachievers who crave emancipation from analysis paralysis. This creative outlet blossomed into a place to recharge my spirit. To explore and express myself. To connect with other soulful hustlers who have big hearts and wild minds. Where attention goes energy flows. Join me as I reprogram my mind and weed out ego clutter. Making more room for my soul.


“THE REASON” is where you can get a glimpse of what brought me here + how I can serve you. It’s prerequisite to understanding “THE FEELS” where I share raw musings. A collection of emotions, epiphanies and explanations. Some words even rhyme!

TRUTHS” is the main repository for my research! There’s science, history, philosophy and facts. I explore topics like love, self-esteem, emotional literacy, mental health and relationships. At the intersection of science and spirituality with a hint of 808.

I’m here on a mission to get my mental, physical, emotional and spiritual needs in check.
No longer aiming to please. Done waiting for things to be “perfect.” I just want to be free. Don’t you?

Many of us believe “purpose” is something we find. Join a charitable cause. Try new hobbies! Explore talents and abilities until something sticks. Some of us stack up to go on soul-searching excursions. As we lay low and save up for that vacation the days fly by. Before you know it happiness starts looking like a goal when it’s really a choice.

The “soul” prospers in the present. When we dwell in the past, worry about the future or desire for things to be different… we block blessings. Both outgoing and incoming.

You have one purpose. Love yourself. It’s the foundation for every thing that matters. You deserve to feel good about who you are and what you do. Sharing truth and spreading love is everyones purpose.

My mantra is “Use Your Power for Good” but we can have fun along the way! Like real Gs should.  I’m just a vessel. Helping you find peace of mind as you swim in the the depths of your heart. On purpose.